Saying “Yes” The Simple Way

A marriage proposal is the day that every girl, and even some guys, dream of since they are little. How will they be asked? Will it be in front of all their family and friends, or maybe happen in their favorite place? Sometimes, however, you don’t need to have a big and fancy proposal to impress your sweetheart. In many cases, the simple but sweet marriage proposals are better. If you are wanting to find a creative and simple way to propose to your significant other, there are plenty of ideas to try.
Sometimes, when it comes to a proposal, all you need is each other and a relaxing, welcoming setting. You can go for a hike, or even a walk in the park or down the pier. Just having the two of you there talking and enjoying your time together, as you will after marriage, can really be all you need. One trend that we are seeing a lot of, and is really unique, is getting a photographer to shoot the moment in the shadows, catching every raw moment of love between you and your significant other. Nothing will be better than seeing those photos and reliving that moment every day.
When it comes to planning your proposal and figuring out all the details, sometimes the best thing is just to keep it simple and unique to what you two enjoy together most. Maybe it’s coffee, or nature, or the place where you first met. Whatever it may be, utilize that detail, and have fun with it. It will be a day that both of you will never forget.